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"I put a capful of K100 in all of the gas yard stuff the last couple of winters (chain saw/trimmer/hedge trimmer) and the fuel was good when I pulled them out in the late spring."
Before, they would gel and get ugly over the winter. Now I put it in my snow blower and motorcycles if they are going to sit any amount of time.

Rick in Pennsylvania
"I use K100 in my vehicles when I get a funky idle."
I always mix it with any of my yard machines… I always put it in my practice fuel for the bikes… I never have to worry about issues with unstable gas or water in the gas.

Rich in Ohio
"I just wanted to give you my personal testimonial of K100G+. I was cutting the lawn a few weeks ago and the riding mower kept stalling out. It’s only a year old with about 10 hours on it. Anyway, I was having a hard time getting it re-started and when I did, it was running very poorly. A light bulb went off in my brain and I decided to pour a little K100G+ into the gas tank."
It started up on the first try (the engine roared) and it’s been running strong ever since. I was truly amazed! I’ve used it in my car since you gave me that bottle, and while I know it’s working, it’s hard to notice the effects. However, the experience with the lawn mower was the decisive proof that it works. I’ve been sharing that story with everyone since then and been hearing back that people are having the same problems with their mowers, so I’ve been telling them to go out and buy K100G+. Hopefully it results in some more sales for you guys.

Frank in New York