Your small engine's worth it.

K100 Small Engine fuel treatment in 8 oz packaging
The performance you get out of any small engine depends upon what you put into it. That’s why K100 Fuel Treatments are essential. This premium product is specifically engineered to ensure optimal power for any small engine that powers anything from motorcycles, ATVs, and snowmobiles to lawn equipment and generators.
“I own a lawn service and I put my equipment to the test day in and day out. K100 keeps the engines running so I never stop working. Last offseason I decided to try K100 for winterization. The engines started right up the following spring. K100 works. Period.”
– Mike, Lawn and Landscaping Service Provider, Sarasota, Florida

Small engine. Large boost.

Using proprietary formulations of organic compounds, this premium engineered fuel treatment eliminates water in fuel and the fuel system to stabilize fuel for up to two years. K100 is the only product that actually MAKES WATER BURN™ to enhance overall system performance. It wakes up your small engine.

Small Engine Fuel Treatment

K1008S8 oz12 gal

How many problems does K100 solve? All of them.

From lawn services to small engine repair shops, it’s smart to buy K100 in bulk.

If your business depends upon the operation or servicing of small engines, then it makes sense to always have a supply of K100 Fuel Treatment on hand. Not only does it enhance engine performance and fuel system longevity, it’s the ideal solution for winterization. And it’s available for purchase in everything from 8 oz single use sizes and cases to bulk 5 gallon containers and larger.