Your car's worth it.

k100 image for gasoline showing 5 gal and 8 oz packaging
The performance you get out of your car depends upon what you put into it. That’s why K100 Fuel Treatments are essential. This premium product is specifically engineered to ensure optimal power for car engines that include everything from sedans, classic cars and sports cars to crossovers and SUVs.
“I was pretty sure I had water in the fuel from condensation. I used K100 and my engine started idling smooth again and there were no more check engine lights. K100 works.”
– Ken, California

Fuel for thought: Get more out of your engine with K100.

Using proprietary formulations of organic compounds, this premium engineered fuel treatment eliminates water in your car engine to stabilize fuel for up to two years. K100 is the only product that actually MAKES WATER BURN™ to enhance overall system performance. It wakes up your car.

Gas Fuel Treatment

K1008G8 oz16 gal
K1032G32 oz64
K1005G5 gal pail1,280 gal
K10055G55 gal drum14,080 gal

How many problems does K100 solve? A carload.

Dealership service centers and auto parts stores can buy K100 in single use sizes or bulk.

Car owners rely on dealership service/repair centers and auto parts stores for their expertise in engine performance and fuel system longevity. Help these valued customers power through their day by always having K100 for purchase. Available in everything from 8 oz single use sizes to bulk 5 gallon containers and larger, we offer K100 in the size you require.