Why K100?

The problem: Water. The solution: K100. Water in any fuel tank can lead to a wide variety of issues. Gas mileage decreases, there’s poor acceleration, or the engine stalls or won’t start. K100 is the only fuel treatment for all gasoline and diesel fuel systems that eliminates these problems by encapsulating water, ounce for ounce, gallon for gallon, and burning it. This proven All-In-One Chemistry™ delivers fuel stability, controls gums and varnishes, provides easier starts, increases mileage, and reduces emissions for engines.

Cleans engines

The proprietary formulations used in K100 Fuel Treatments include organic compounds to eliminate water in fuels, remove gums and varnishes as well as stabilize fuel.

Increases octane ratios

Using K100 Premium Fuel Treatment in an engine helps increase octane ratings from 1-1/2 to 2 points to achieve smoother starts and better mileage.

Eliminates water

K100 Premium Fuel Treatment has a unique bio-based (green) chemistry that eliminates all free water and water-related problems in fuels, including phase separation in E-10. It encapsulates water, ounce for ounce, gallon for gallon, and burns it. Used regularly, K100 upgrades fuel quality for reduced emissions, better mileage, easier starts, smoother idle, more power, and faster acceleration.

K100 has a strong hydrophilic attraction to water. It seeks out water droplets (1) in the fuel system and breaks the bond (2) between adjacent molecules. K100 then permanently bonds itself to each individual molecule and encapsulates it with a combustible shell. The encapsulated water (3) is dispersed throughout the entire fuel tank as an inner-phase suspension. Over time the water is removed as the engine runs, harmlessly burning it off.


K100 Premium Fuel Treatment contains an organic lubricant that coats the fuel system components to prevent corrosion and oxidation of metallic compounds. It burns cleanly and evenly, leaving no ash deposits to foul rings, valves, or plugs.

Stabilizes fuel

K100 Premium Fuel Treatment contains stabilizers that hold petroleum compounds together to keep fuel fresh, cleaners to dissolve gums and varnish, and burnable organic compounds that encapsulate free water. Its unique chemistry will even “fix” equipment such as farm machinery or lawn tools that have been sitting a while and won’t start or run roughly.