Your boat's worth it.

Marine fuel treatment in pail and 8 oz packaging

The performance you get out of your boat depends upon what you put into it. That’s why K100 Marine Grade Fuel Treatments are essential. This premium product is specifically engineered to ensure optimal power for high performance engines that include everything from small boats to personal watercraft such as jet skis.

“We’ve noticed K100 makes a real difference in boat engine performance. It doesn’t smoke as much, it starts better, it completely eliminates water and moisture in the tanks and engines, and it also extends the filter life.”
– RJ Marine Associates, Ltd.

Every boat requires a life preserver.

Using proprietary formulations of organic compounds, this premium engineered product eliminates water in your boat and jet ski engines to stabilize fuel for up to two years. K100 is the only product that actually MAKES WATER BURN™ to enhance overall system performance. It wakes up your boat.

Marine Gas Fuel Treatment

K1008MG8 oz20 gal
K10032MG32 oz80 gal
K1005MG5 gal pail1,600 gal
K10055MG55 gal drum17,600 gal

How many problems does K100 solve? A boatload.

Marinas can buy K100 in bulk. Ideal for daily boat fill ups and winterization.

Boat owners rely on marinas for their expertise in engine performance and fuel system longevity. Help these customers power through a day on the lake, river or ocean by always having K100 in-store. And when boating season is over, start winterization off right by having K100 on-site in bulk quantities.