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Your engine’s worth it.

K100 is an all-in-one premium fuel treatment engineered for use in all gasoline and diesel engines. This bio-based proprietary formulation stabilizes fuel by chemically bonding with water to eliminate it and prevent phase separation.

Gas and diesel engines power life forward. That’s why achieving optimal engine performance is essential in vehicles and equipment used for transportation, work and recreation. It’s all made possible with the ultimate liquid asset: K100. It’s the only premium fuel treatment that MAKES WATER BURN™

There’s a K100 product for every engine, including yours.

The performance you get out of any engine depends on what you put into it.

K100 Fuel Treatments eliminate water and all water-related problems in engines. Choose from a full line of premium fuel treatments specifically engineered using proprietary formulations of organic compounds – all to ensure optimal performance for any engine application.
“When we read about the increase in mileage using K100 in our car, we took it for a test drive. And it passed!”
– Tom, Florida
There’s good, better, or there’s the best: K100.

When you use K100 you’re using the best fuel treatment available. It eliminates are problems such as water in fuel. It also cleans engines and fuel systems for better mileage, easier starting, smoother idle, more power and better acceleration. It doesn’t get any better than K100. It works on all gasoline and diesel powered engines and formulated for use with all fuels, including E-10, ULSD, Off-Road, Bio-Diesel, and home heating fuels.

Engine and Fuel System Benefits
“K100 has given us at least a 10% increase in gas mileage for our fleet of diesel trucks. We are now having fewer engine problems and injector replacements are not as common as they were prior to using K100.”
– The Vending Center, Inc
We know of a ton of reasons to buy K100 in bulk.

If you operate a marina, truck plaza, or fleet fueling service, provide your customers with improved engine and fuel system performance with K100. Simply have K100 on-site in bulk. Now you have the ultimate liquid asset for services such as boat winterization as well as services that prevent gelling in diesel fuel.

k100 bulk products
“Since 1986, we’ve tried hundreds of different fuel additives in boats without success. With K100, the power increase in performance engines was unreal and now we use it for winterization, too. We love it and our customers love it.”
– Sharp’s Marine Repair