Eliminates water and all water-related problemsReduces emissions, black smoke and oil fumes

Stabilizes fuel and keeps it fresh

Cleans engines and fuel system for better mileage, easier starting, smoother idle, more power
and better acceleration

Lubricates fuel systems, and burns cleanly and completely leaving no ash deposits

Reduces maintenance costs and downtime

Replaces lost lubricity in LSD, ULSD, Off-Road and K-1 winter blend fuels

Increases cetane ratings 1-1/2 to 2 points

Use K100-D+ fuel additives for diesel

Home Heating Oil Additives

Home-heating oil is similar to #2 diesel fuel but is slightly less refined and lacks certain additives used to improve diesel engine operations.

All petroleum fuels deteriorate over time, so when the furnace is off the fuel goes bad. Diesel is now less than a 90-day fuel – it will still burn, but will produce less BTU’s.

As the fuel deteriorates sludge and varnish build up in the bottom of the tank which, over time, can block the fuel line completely.

If the tank is outside, daily and seasonal temperature changes will cause condensation, which will form water that settles to the bottom of the tank and may eventually get into the supply line – and the fuel line may freeze in the winter.

Water and sulfur in the fuel form a weak acid that will eventually cause the tank to rust from the inside.

K100-D+ (for Storage): 1 Quart Treats 250 Gallons to:

  • Stabilize fuel and keep it fresh
  • Dissolve old sludge and varnish deposits to keep the system clean
  • Clean the burner tip to allow a better spray pattern, giving a more complete burn and better furnace efficiency.
  • Clean the heat exchanger plates, giving better heat transfer so the furnace works more efficiently

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Diesel Fuel Treatment Ratios

Initial Use, Winter  Storage Ongoing Treatment
Treatment Ratios: 1:500 1:1000
Small Qty Treatment 8 oz. Bottle 2 caps/gal. 1 caps/gal.
Small Qty Treatment 32 oz. Bottle 4 caps/3 gal. 2 caps/3 gal.
8 oz. Bottle Treatment 30 gallons 60 gallons
32 oz. Bottle Treatment 125 gallons 250 gallons
5 Gallon Pail Treatment 2,500 gallons 5,000 gallons
55 Gallon Drum 27,500 gallons 55,00 gallons

What K100 Fuel Additives Do

D+ G+
Eliminates water and water-related problems blue-check red-check
Improves overall engine efficiency for more miles/gallon/hour blue-check red-check
Eliminates freeze-ups that block fuel lines and filters blue-check red-check
Eliminates free water for easier starting, smoother idle, more power, better acceleration blue-check red-check
Prevents phase separation in E-10 fuel red-check
Reduces paraffin formation in winter blue-check
Eliminates corrosion and formation of acids blue-check
Prevents injector tip failure blue-check red-check
Adds lubricity to reduce friction in the fuel system blue-check red-check
Replaces lost lubricity in LSD, ULSD & K-1 winter blends blue-check
Reduces cold-start scuffing on 2-cycle engines red-check
Burns cleanly and completely leaving no ash deposits blue-check red-check
Dissolves gums and varnishes blue-check red-check
Cleans engines for easier starting, smoother idle, more power, better acceleration blue-check red-check
Cleans carburetors and fuel injectors for better mileage blue-check red-check
Dissolves asphaltenes and puts them back into the fuel blue-check red-check
Modifies burn chemistry for more complete combustion blue-check red-check
Reduces carbon monoxide (CO) emissions by 80-90% red-check
Reduces unburned hydrocarbon (HC) emissions by 65-80% red-check
Reduces black smoke and particulate emissions blue-check
Reduces oil fumes from 2-strokes, premix or auto-inject red-check
Revitalizes fuel blue-check red-check
Stabilizes fuel for long-term storage blue-check red-check
Extends fuel injector pump life blue-check red-check
Extends fuel tank life blue-check
Increases cetane ratings 1-1/2 to 2 points blue-check
Increases octane ratings 1-1/2 to 2 points red-check
Upgrades lower quality fuel blue-check red-check
Anti-gel reduces need for K-1 kerosene additive in winter blue-check
Excellent for use in ULSD, Bio-diesel and Home-heating fuels blue-check
Excellent for use in E-10 gasoline red-check
Excellent for use in both 2 and 4-cycle engines red-check
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