Your truck's worth it.

Diesel fuel treatment image in pail and 8 oz packaging
The performance you get out of your semi truck depends upon what you put into it. That’s why K100 Diesel Fuel Treatments are essential. Using proprietary formulations of organic compounds, this premium engineered product eliminates water in your truck engine to stabilize diesel fuel, increase mileage and power, plus eliminate cold weather gelling.
“We’ve been using K100 for our diesel fueled fleet and have experienced no gelling, have witnessed an increase in mileage by up to 1 mpg, and our engines burn cleaner. Thanks for a great product.”
– Freeman Bus Corporation

Eliminates water in the fuel system so you can keep on truckin’.

K100 Diesel is the only product that actually MAKES WATER BURN™ as it restores fuel injector efficiency and extends fuel injector pump life without harming catalytic converters. It even increases cetane ratings, lubricity and lowers warm-up time, exhaust emissions, and sludge. That’s why K100 Diesel is the ultimate liquid asset for your truck.

Diesel Fuel Treatment

K1008WD8 oz60 gal
K10032WD32 oz250 gal
K1005WD5 gal pail5,000 gal
K1005WD55 gal drum55,000 gal

How many problems does K100 Diesel solve? A truckload.

Fleet owners, fuel delivery services, and truck plazas can buy K100 Diesel in bulk.

When you have K100 Diesel in bulk on site you have the ideal fuel treatment for lowering truck maintenance and fuel costs. It’s also ideal for the prevention of fuel gelling when the weather turns cold. Whether you own a truck fleet or fuel trucks, help these vehicles power through the work day and work night by always having K100 Diesel on site. The 32 oz size treats up to 250 gallons and you can also purchase 5, 55, and 275 gallon bulk options.