Old Fuel =Less Power, More Gum & Varnish

Petroleum based fuels are mixed with additives during the refining process – more and more compounds are added as fuels are reformulated to meet government mandates to lower pollution levels. Unfortunately, the additives and processing used to make these new fuels burn more cleanly also makes them less stable. Diesel fuel begins to deteriorate and loose power after 90 days, and the structure of E-10 gasoline begins to breaks down after 30 days. As fuel ages solids and varnishes form that can clog the fuel lines and system. In addition, old fuel often contains water contamination.

K100 Treatments contain stabilizers that hold petroleum compounds together to keep the fuel fresh, cleaners to dissolve gums and varnish, and burnable organic compounds that encapsulate free water. K100′s unique chemistry will even “fix” equipment that has been sitting a while and doesn’t start – or runs roughly – by doubling the treatment, turning the engine over enough times to get the treated fuel throughout the system, and waiting 1/2 hour for the treatment to take effect.

Many applications

K100 Fuel Treatments improve engine performance for your car, truck, boat, ATV, motorcycle or anything you operate that utilizes a gas or diesel motor.

Increased Octane Ratios

Using K-100 Fuel Treatments in an engine helps increase octane ratings from 1-1/2 to 2 points to achieve smoother starts and better mileage.

Cleaner Engines

The proprietary formulations used in K100 Fuel Treatments include organic compounds to eliminate water in fuels, remove gums and varnishes as well as stabilize fuel.

Reduces Emissions

With K-100 Fuel treatments result in less black smoke from diesel, and less oil fumes from 2-stroke, premix or auto-inject for up to a 70% reduction in CO, HC and NOx emissions.