Reduces Emissions

Fuel with K100 Gas Additive Atomizes More Completely & Evenly

Kinetic Fuel Technology is Your leading source for Fuel Additives

K100 Treatments modify the petroleum molecule, altering the burn chemistry for more complete combustion. More complete combustion results in more power, more miles/gallon/hour, less black smoke from diesel, and less oil fumes from 2-stroke, premix or auto-inject. EPA test results show more than 70% reduction in CO, HC and NOx emissions:

CO (Carbon Monoxide) Emissions Reduced
California 98.2% reduction at idle
93.5% reduction at high rpm
Texas 96.2% reduction
New York 85.1% to 90.0% reduction
Massachusetts 72.1% reduction at 2500 rpm
HC (Unburned Fuel) Emissions Reduced
California 72.5% reduction at idle
71.5% reduction at high rpm
Texas 92.4% reduction
New York 79.4% to 85.1% reduction
Massachusetts 90.8% reduction
Premium ethanol fuel treatments!

NOx Emissions Reduced

California 82.2% reduction

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