Marine Testimonials


What People Say

"We have been in business since 1986. We have tried hundreds of different fuel additives. None of them seemed to work. We started using K100-G+. K100-G+ dissolves old deposits in the tank and prevents new ones from forming. Not only do we love K100-G+, our customers love it – and it WORKS!!
The difference between K100-G+ and isopropyl is that K100-G+ doesn’t hurt viton tip needles and seats or o-rings. We recommend it to all of our customers and use it in all of our service work.

Sharp’s Marine Repair
"Thank you for introducing us to your line of K100-D+ fuel treatment. We use your product in our 250hp Cummins Diesel engines, 250hp Detroit 671 Diesels, 500hp Detroit 12V71 Diesels as well as various marine gas engines."
We were previously users of XXXXXX, but we have found K100-D+ to be a superior product by far. We have noticed a difference in the engine performance, the engine doesn’t smoke as much, it starts better, it completely eliminates water and moisture in the tanks and engines, and it also extends the filter life. We feel very confident recommending your product to all our customers.

RJ Marine Associates, Ltd.