Equipment Testimonials


What People Say

"Living in central New York, The winters are downright brutal!!! I use K100 in everything I own and just found another use for the stuff after having problems with my furnace."
I heat with oil and have out door tanks. To make long story short ended up putting half a bottle in to the tanks….PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!…LOVE THIS STUFF!!!

Mark R.
"We have been using your products for three years now, and I felt compelled to write you."
We run equipment in the coldest, worst weather during major snowstorms… as a matter of fact we just helped Buffalo dig out of seven feet of snow. We have never had a machine or truck gel, have less black smoke and easier starts. Thank-you for a wonderful product. K100-D+ & K100-G+ really does work.

Mark Cerrone Construction, Inc.
"We use a diesel powered Watson Drill rig to put in various size foundation holes. It will drill holes from 18″ to 13′ in diameter. These holes are used to pour foundations and column supports for buildings, bridges and foundations for cell towers. We service the engine every 300 hours and do a complete check every 1000 hours. During the 1000 hour check we drain all tanks and clean where necessary."
Before using K100 we used to find up to 1/2 gallon of water in the bottom of the fuel tank, plus sludge and such. Since we started treating our fuel with K100 we have NOT FOUND ANY MOISTURE in the fuel. In addition the tanks are clean and bright. We have also noticed much less smoking during operations. We now use K100 in all our equipment. Thank-you for helping our equipment last longer and run better.

Northeast Caissons, Inc.
"Following are the results of a fuel consumption test we ran on a one year old Spectrum 450kw 685hp Detroit generator at 1820rpm constant load at 75% rated."
Fuel consumption per hour was 20.2 gal for 118 hours test. After treating fuel with K100-D+ and running a 118 hour test the results are 17.8 gallons per hour for a savings of 2.4 gallons per hour… We at Walldroff Equipment Inc. are pleased at the test results and plan to treat all future fuel with K100-D+. This test was for fuel consumption only and we look forward to the other benefits this product has to offer.

Walldroff Equipment, Inc.