Eliminates Water

Problem:Water Contamination

  • Causes phase separation in E-10 fuel
  • Causes winter freeze-ups
  • Blocks fuel lines and filters
  • Damages fuel injector tips
  • Supports corrosion & acid formation

Solution: Use K100 Fuel Treatments

K100 Treatments have a strong hydrophilic attraction to water. K100 seeks out water droplets and permanently bonds itself to the water molecule, totally encapsulating it with a burnable organic compound.  As the engine runs, the encapsulated water is harmlessly burned with the fuel, releasing a beneficial cleansing steam. Call us today with any questions you might have!

K100 Fuel Additives Used Regularly:
  • Eliminates free water for easier starting
  • Improves overall engine efficiency
  • Reduces black smoke and emissions
  • Prevents phase separation in E-10 fuel
  • Eliminates freeze-ups that block fuel lines
  • Reduces paraffin formation in winter
  • Eliminates corrosion
  • Prevents injector tip failure
Premium ethanol fuel treatments!

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