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What People Say

"We wanted to let you know that when you told us about the 20% increase in mileage using K100-G+, we put it to the test."
You told us to try 89 octane because K100-G+ has a booster in it, so we did! Now we can buy cheaper gas with better results and save 2 times the cost of the product! Keep up the good work! Thanks a lot!

Tom in Florida
"My husband tried it in our 2004 duramax diesel pickup and he can’t believe how great the results are!"
We were having injector problems. Lots of black smoke. Went to the dealer, not covered under warrantee. We couldn’t afford to fix it at $4,000.00… Then after adding K100 it quit smoking and is running just fine. We pulled our camper to Rochester MN. No problems. Today, I saw him out there trying to make it smoke, couldn’t do it!

Cheryl in Wisconsin
"Every morning my Silverado has started with a high low idle and check engine light. Our temperature drops from 58 to the low 20′s."
I was pretty sure I had water in the fuel from condensation. Last night I used K100 and this morning GREAT idle and no check engine light or codes. This time of year air condenses in gas cans/gas tanks ending up with water in the tank. K100 works.

Ken in California