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Carb Cleaner in the Fuel Additive?
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This one caught our attention and has proven to be a valuable addition to the technician’s tools. The product is called “K100” and it is a fuel additive, but also boasts impressive capability to clean carb components. Now you could use it as a fuel additive, which it should be very good at, as well as its ability to remove water from fuel – a major problem with all of the crap-ethanol fuel so many of us are forced to run. K100 (supposedly) seeks out water in fuel and encapsulates it, changing it into a combustible compound that burns cleanly.

So, simply from the ability to stabilize the fuel (for up to two years) and remove the water content it is an impressive additive. But when we get to its ability to clean dirty carb parts it is even more impressive. Seriously, take your worst gummed up carb parts and drop them into some K100. Needle jets, main jets, pilot jets, carb bowls, whatever you have that you thought unsalvageable, drop them into some K100, stand back and be impressed. This stuff really works!

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